Best Fitting Men's Shirts For Muscular Guys

Best Fitting Men's Shirts For Muscular Guys

For most bodybuilder and muscular gentleman, finding a great shirt can present a challenge. Until now with our introduction of our own men's muscle fit shirt. Typically many men's clothing stores do not sell quality clothes for men with such a build. When it comes to style and fashion for muscular guys, you often have to settle for t-shirts, v-neck tees, and other unfitted tops. But those might not cut it when you have that formal event or job interview when you need to look your best. You must make sure you have the perfect fitting shirts for muscular guys that fit your upper body shape, size, and the type of shirt styles you like. 


Common Clothing Challenges for Muscular Men

You've put in the work and spent your free hours at the gym. You look and feel amazing, that is until you want to find a stylish long sleeve shirt. You know how hard it can be to shop for a shirt that can fit your arms, neck, and chest, all without being too loose-fitting at your leaner waist. You may have found yourself having to settle for an oversize shirt just to make your upper body comfortable at the expense of a clean-cut appearance and style. This option leaves way too much room free around the abdomen.

Men have different ways when looking for a shirt that sits well for their body types. One option is a custom made shirt, but this can be pricy, and you are not always free to wait. Another option is to buy the larger size tops and have them tailored at the wait to achieve the tapered/muscle fit appearance. With this option as well, you might have to wait. You also require a great tailor who can do the job well. 

The good news is that there are clothing brands that fit an athletic man with a muscular build. You just have to know which fashion styles fit your type and bring out the ideal appearance. You also have to like the fashion. Feel free to say goodbye to wearing clothing that is too big and boxy and does not do any justice to the great build you have worked hard for. 


Muscle/Athletic Fit Shirt

muscle fit shirt or an Athletic Fit Shirt is a ready-to-wear option. It differs from the classic style by how it narrows down in the belly area. Each sleeve brings out your, arms and shoulders. The top is tucked in at the waist. This is a perfect, proportional, and stylish option for the athletic man. The muscle fit dress shirt material is stretch cotton and therefore fits comfortably, and you are free to move and keep up your active lifestyle.

Slim Fit Shirts

Slim Fit Shirts are not a good option for muscular guys. They're meant to be designed around aligning with the body's natural shaping, but they're often made for someone who is built slimmer and leaner than you typically would find in this style of shirt - leading many people (especially those with stronger builds) like me avoid them altogether because it seems like wasted money getting something tailored when all my other shirts fit perfectly well without any alterations at all!

What Shirts Make You Appear Muscular and Athletic?

There is no rule about what you can and can't put on, but the more fitted and tailored the dress shirt or shirt is, the more it is going to compliment the muscular build of the man. Brands with muscle fit shirts can help you appear more muscular, extend your shoulders, and feel more free even if you are not built that way. 



Finding a shirt that fits muscular body types can be very difficult. After all, most people with a muscular build want a shirt to be both fitted and comfortable, a combination that until recently was almost impossible to find. With the introduction of Kings Cross Clothing Muscle Fit Shirts however, men now have the option for shirts that are fitted, but have enough flex and stretch to provide comfort for everyday wear. A perfect fit for a V Bodybuilder Physique. So why not show off all that hard work in the gym with a KCC Muslce fit shirt, and be comfortable as well as fashionable? Check out our best seller here

This revolutionary new KCC fit ensures that you will never need to take your shirt in for alteration or measure it again. It has been developed in accordance to leading Tailors and industry experts, ensuring the perfect muscularity every time!. Perfect for those seeking a muscle fit shirt, or bespoke tailoring - ready to wear!

Designed for athletes looking for a perfect muscle fit shirt, considered the best shirts for a muscular build. Our Mens Shirts collection also includes muscle fit polos.