Best Men's Muscle Fit Polo Shirts Across Australia

Best Men's Muscle Fit Polo Shirts Across Australia

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When you ask a person serious about his fitness regarding difficulty finding great clothing to fit his unique type, he will always tell you that it is never an easy task. This particular search is very accurate for the polo shirts because many ask why we don't see a muscle fit polo shirt that often?

There is no doubt that the big clothing brands, even in Australia, target the demographics that are profitable, and in order to do so, they usually neglect the less profitable ones. Although it is hard to find such brands, very few brands make athletic fit polo shirts tailored specially to reward their bodies.

A polo shirt is known to be one of the most versatile shirts that a man can own; therefore, Kings Cross Clothing offers the best polo shirts that are dreamed up by the men involved in bodybuilding, weightlifting, extreme and active lifestyles. Established in 2020, Kings Cross Clothing has become one of the top menswear brands in Australia that are specialized in men's muscle fit shirts, premium luxe long sleeve shirts, and the essential muscle fit polo shirts that could fit better and move seamlessly with them.

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What is a muscle fit polo shirt?

A muscle fit polo shirt is the one that offers more room to the upper body, tailored arms that tend to hug the bicep, and a waist that is incredibly tailored. There are darts in the back torso of this athletic fit polo shirt that pulls the fabric in, which means they eliminate billowing and any excess fabric when they are tucked in.

Usually, the men's muscle shirts are meticulously tailored to the active man, and the same is the case with the polo shirts. It is worth noting that when body care becomes more than a lifestyle for you, then you will definitely deserve a lot more than that.


Popular polo shirt materials

  • Cotton

A muscle fit cotton polo shirt comes with moisture-wicking abilities, durability, and breathability. It would help if you kept in mind that not all cotton is the same because cheaper cotton polo shirts use short-staple cotton that can cause pilling and fading colors after some washes. Longer staple cotton will indeed feel better on the skin and can take a little more time to fade.


  • Performance

These polo shirts are made by keeping the athletes in mind. Although a slim fit shirt can be a great choice, a performance polo offers odor reduction by the addition of silver to the material or has UV protection. Typically, this shirt is made from lightweight blends and synthetics, but it is worth noting that this muscle fit polo shirt is meant to be worn when you exercise.


  • Blended

This particular fabric is generally used for corporate shirts because its blended synthetics increase stain resistance and durability. You may find this shirt to be less comfortable than the cotton materials, and it can also be more prone to sweating.


  • Linen

Linen has become one of the most famous knitwear in recent times, while some brands offer linen polo shirts. This material certainly adds another dimension because of the sophisticated wrinkles and a crisp look, but it can be rougher than cotton.



The ultimate polo shirt by Kings Cross Clothing

Many younger men with good physical shape are looking for a great fitting polo because they can get stuck by being neglected by the large brands by fitting into the polo shirts not meant for them. Kings Cross Clothing offers polo shirts that are tailored for the men with muscles to be snug fitting and show off the tapered V. The KCC muscle fit shirts offer you an extreme stretch so that your athletic fit polo shirt provides you comfort for the everyday movement while these polos contain a structured collar standing tall by keeping a crisp look over time.

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Final Verdict

If you are a man who likes to take care of his body, then a muscle fit polo shirt can be the perfect option for you. Any individual having a muscular upper body whose stomach doesn't happen to hang over the waist will indeed look great with this polo shirt. It is worth noting that clothing is known to be a canvas for the body, and with the help of these muscle fit polo shirts, you will surely be regarded for taking care of your body shape.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many muscle fit polo shirts should you own?

Although it depends on your requirements and style, if you want to show your body shape by wearing a polo shirt, you should have at least 2 to 3 of them in different colors. You can then wear them at different times as casual clothing.

  • Can you wear a muscle fit polo shirt in hot weather?

If you are seeking a summer work shirt, a muscle fit polo shirt has all the great qualities that you need. Its moisture-wicking technology will let you stay dry even when you are perspiring, and it is made with a piece of lightweight fabric so that you can stay cool in high temperatures.

  • Are polo shirts still considered attractive?

A muscle fit polo shirt is undoubtedly capable of fitting well and can be an attractive outfit for a person with muscles. Although the polo shirts are associated with a prep school and frat boy, the muscle fit polo shirts have brought life to this style and offer a more streamlined and designer look.

  • Should you wear a black athletic polo shirt when it’s hot?

It would be best for you if you kept in mind that when you wear a black color, the outer layer of the fabric tends to get hotter because heat is absorbed by the black color. If you are wearing a polo shirt made of thin material, then it will transmit heat to your skin.