Best Men’s Polo Shirts for Big Arms

Best Men’s Polo Shirts for Big Arms

It is not a crime to work day and night in the gym, but when it is about the fashion department, the majority of men get punished. There was a time when muscular men didn't go further than baggy jeans and dress shirts, so that they didn't like the incredible hulk during the transformation process.

There is no harm in downsizing these days, and the main reason for working hard in the gym is to show off what you have got. Although there are a number of muscle fit styles out there to compliment your big arms, a men's polo shirt is one of the best ways of taking advantage of your big arms and improving your appeal.

Over the past few years, Kings Cross Clothing has become one of the leading Australian brands that design men's muscle fit shirts for professional athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts to feel sharp and cool. Our muscle fit polo shirts for men are a fashion essential that you wouldn’t be able to live without. Kings Cross Clothing makes sure that you find what you need with the wide range of designs and colors that they offer you.

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How should a polo shirt for big arms fit?

  • Neck Opening and collar

One usually should never be worried about the collar size; it remains the same across all the brands. Although it is crucial for you to make sure that it isn't too small, for guys with athletic shape, larger necks might be better in order to make sure that the collar isn't too tight.

Besides collars, it is also essential that you pay attention to the buttons, as they should never exceed the top of the armpits. If it is beyond that, then that can be too long, which means that you may have a deep V-neck, which is never too ideal, as a muscle fit shirt should never be like that.


  • Body

You can consider the best polo fitting shirt to be the one that offers you around one to two inches of fabric on your midsection’s either side. A V bodybuilder physique is an issue that the majority of athletic guys may face, so the cut of the polo shirt has to be comfortable and fitted around the waist so that the frame is highlighted.


  • They should be slim

Many people misunderstand the polo shirts to fit a little baggier than the t-shirts, but just like the slim fit shirts, they should be snugged to the skin so that there is no excess at the shoulder seam, as this is a smart casual outfit, so it should stay this way. If your polo is just like a regular t-shirt, then it might make your outfit quite untidy; therefore, if you would like to alter your current polo shirt, you have the option of getting it tailored.



  • Sleeves

It would help if you gave special attention to the sleeves, as they need to fall mid-bicep and gently embrace the arms. There is a ribbed slip at the sleeve’s end in some polo shirts, so this is where it grips a little tighter, and this is great for the ones who would like to show their bicep.

It is worth noting that you must never be trying to keep the sleeves too tight so that it may not appear as if the biceps are constricted, and it is also not that wise to leave a space around the bicep, as this can make the muscle fit shirts look sloppy and make the arms look more petite.


Squeeze into a small

Squeezing into a smaller t-shirt can give you that extra confidence boost. You just need the right brand and size, but it's worth giving this option of clothing one more shot!

But as mentioned this will involve looking around and trying a number of different brands and sizes on. When you find your diamond in the rough these shirts will make your arms look bigger. But more often than not it's going to look too tight on the rest of the body.

What do Kings Cross Men’s Polo Shirts offer you?

If you are tired of the polo shirts that can leave stress marks on your muscles, you can go for the Kings Cross Men's muscle fit polo shirts to have complete comfort and style. Kings Cross clothing is offering its customers stylish Men’s muscle shirts that can be the accurate fit for men with a muscular and athletic physique. The materials in which these polo shirts are made offer breathability, which means that you don't need to worry about excess sweat stains because the shirt will allow ample air to flow.

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Like any other muscle fit shirt, a polo shirt must fit in the arms and shoulders while it hugs the waist. A regular polo shirt is designed for the masses and doesn't take the V-shaped torso into consideration. The best polo shirt for men with big arms helps to remove the excess fabric that happens to sag around the waist, just like a regular polo shirt.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should a proper Polo shirt fit on men with muscles?

A Polo shirt is also just like a t-shirt and has to sit close to the body of the person wearing it. This shirt can be a little tighter on the arms and chest but should be tapered down through the waist. It is worth noting that there should never be excess fabric anywhere in the shirt.


  • Can men work out in a Polo shirt?

There is nothing wrong with working out in a polo shirt, but it depends on whether you will be comfortable wearing it in the gym or not. The Polo shirts for big arms are specially made for this purpose and are suited for challenging exercise sessions.


  • Why are the majority of Polo shirts so long?

Typically, a polo shirt is a little longer from the back and shorter from the front in order to help people stay tucked, especially when they bend over. When worn untucked, these become menswear mullets, and a mulleted person doesn't wear polos.


  • Is it necessary for muscular men to button up a polo shirt?

A polo shirt is basically intended to be a casual and airy sports shirt. Although the majority of these shirts come with three buttons, it is not necessary for men with muscles to button them entirely on the top; therefore, one can leave one or two buttons upon, depending on the style and requirement.