What Are The Best Shirts For Men With Broad Shoulders?

What Are The Best Shirts For Men With Broad Shoulders?

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People from all parts of the world consider broad shoulders to be one of the most attractive features that a man can have, but it can often be a little challenging to find the proper dressing, especially the shirts for men with broad shoulders. These days, convenience is considered the key, but there are times when our clothes are not tailored to suit specific body types, which makes it quite challenging to know what can be suitable for certain shapes.

Usually, the shirts that are suitable for the broad shoulders are readily available, and it is never easy to judge impartially when you are standing in a dressing room. As a person with broad shoulders, you can look for muscle fit and slim fit, as you don't want any space in the waist area.

It is never possible for you to have plain jerseys all the time, as they are a staple for every man's wardrobe. Therefore, you can boss the basics with Kings Cross Clothing with their latest edition of muscle fit shirts, ultra-stretch jeans and muscle fit polo shirts. Available in a range of fits, all their men’s muscle shirts come in the best colors as well as the hot-off-the-catwalk styles. Update your core collection with the proper fit for your muscular physique.

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How to choose the best shirt when you have broad shoulders?

  • Know your size

You need to focus on your size and measurement if you plan to buy any shirt with broad shoulders. Try not to presume your size because it will not be suitable to purchase a product that you may not be able to make use of because your comfort is necessary.

  • Check the quality of material

Fabric is one of the crucial factors that you should never overlook. It is worth noting that natural fabrics are not only durable but are also considered breathable. No matter what your choice is, you have to make sure your shirt is made of superior quality material.

  • Flexibility

A shirt's flexibility is crucial for any broad shoulder, and you need to buy one that is convenient to put on because your shoulders happen to be more noticeable. It is beneficial to purchase a shirt that eases your movement and boosts your confidence throughout the day.

What type of dress shirts should men with broad shoulders wear?

  • Proper length

Whether you prefer to tuck in the dress shirts or not, it is better that you go for the one that offers you both the options. The dress shirt should be long enough to tuck smoothly into the pants but must not be too long that it looks baggy if you leave it untucked.

  • Room in the chest

It would help if you went for a flattering and fitted shirt but not that much tight on the chest. For men with muscles, if there is not enough room in the chest area of the dress shirt, then it might be difficult to use the full range of motion. Therefore, they can end up a little restricted, which means that they should go for the shirt that has room in the chest.

  • Room for the collar and neck

There are chances that you may have a lot of muscle around the neck area, but it all depends on your upper body. It is necessary that you are comfortable close to the collar of the dress shirt. It is not a bad idea to check whether two fingers can comfortably fit in the collar without any resistance, as this will help you to know whether the collar is a perfect fit or not.

The best shirts for men with broad shoulders at Kings Cross Clothing

Dressing well is essential for men with broad shoulders, but selecting men’s muscle fit shirts with fitting is also necessary. There is no doubt that the shirts offered by KCC are stylish and ultra-flexible. These are made from such materials that it will be easy for you to iron them and keep them looking crisp even after countless washes. Whether it is the muscle fit shirts or the muscle fit polo shirts, you will find the Kings Cross Clothing’s fabric to be classy and subtle, having a tapered waist.

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Final Thoughts

When we talk about the best shirts, it is not possible for you to keep away your build without any challenges. The best shirts available for the guys with broad shoulders can make movements quickly and are helpful in moving around with confidence. Therefore, if you are involved in bodybuilding and have a muscular build with broad shoulders, you still have many great options available, including muscle fit, slim fit, and the perfect dress shirt options for your muscular figure.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of shirt is suitable for you if you have broad shoulders?

If you are a person with broad shoulders, you can go for something with minimal shoulder padding and slightly longer in size. These men's muscle shirts can be helpful in balancing the torso and making sure that they don't look too top-heavy. 

  • What should be avoided to wear for men with broad shoulders?

It is vital for you to pay attention to your body shape, and therefore, you have to avoid wearing the shoulder pads because these can add up to your shoulders. Try to avoid any fitted clothes, because when you go for the men’s muscle shirts that are too fit, these can draw more attention to your shoulders.

  • Are broad shoulder shirts expensive?

The shirt you will be wearing altogether depends on your budget, and it is worth noting that the price varies. Some of the men’s muscle fit shirts are less costly, while others are luxury. It is always better to cut your cloth according to your size.

  • Can a broad shoulder shirt last long?

The majority of shirts made for the broad shoulders are durable, and the popular materials for clothing are polyester and cotton. These materials are primarily comfortable, flexible, and durable, which means that you can be sure that this shirt will remain in your wardrobe for a long time.