Men's Muscle Fit Clothing, Everything You need to know!

Men's Muscle Fit Clothing, Everything You need to know!

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Over the past 5 or 6 years, muscle fit clothing has taken off, but what is it, and should you wear it? You could say that it all started with the muscle fit T-shirt, and from there there’s been a lot of other men’s clothing which has been categorised as muscle fit.

What Is Muscle Fit Clothing?

Well simply put, it’s a super tight fitted style of clothing. These days you can get the fit in T-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers and other types of clothing. The idea is that it shows off your muscles, as it’s extremely form fitting, and hugs your body. It is also known by some at athletic fit, but the term muscle fit is used most.

Is Muscle Fit Shirt Right For Me?

If you have a very good physique, the tight fit will enhance your body shape. Anything less, and it will unflattering. You should dress for your body type, whatever that is, and you’ll look better.

If you’ve got a bit of a bump in the belly region, a bit of a beer belly or even if you’re too skinny, it will almost certainly show. It really is a fit to show off your body, and if it’s not good, you’ll end up looking bad.

When it comes to the style, they’re definitely a laid back, casual style. You can’t call them smart or even smart casual, if you are going to wear one of these, it’s in a casual setting. They may work in the gym or other places where you’re not expected to dress up

You should wear clothes that fit you and make you feel good. Usually muscle fit clothing looks bad, as they appear to look too small and tight for muscular guys bodies.

Are Muscle Fit T Shirts Fashionable?

You could say that they’re fashionable, as many guys are wearing them, and you can probably thank shows like Geordie Shore, Love Island and TOWIE for that. But stylish? Actually no, they’re not. They are simply too tight.

I would say that this is a Style to avoide, and as always when you want to ensure your style is sharp, get the fit right.

As always, the number one style rule is the fit is key. Guys may want to show off their muscles with these tees, and it will do that, but the overall style will look like you’re wearing a T-shirt which is way too small for you.


If you have the physique for it, and if you want to show it off, a muscle t-shirt is going to do just that. It will also look small, it will have lots of wrinkles and rippling, potentially ruining the look you’re going for.

If you’re a regular or even slightly toned guy, the advice would be to go for a slim fit, or even a skinny fit. As already mentioned, the fit is key, so go and try on a few pieces and see what you think works best for your body type.

This is definitely a style which looks much, much better on the clothing websites models than it will when you try it.


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