Tailoring A Men's Polo Shirt?

Tailoring A Men's Polo Shirt?

Polo shirts have become an essential part of life for many peoplein Australia, as they are smart, casual, and among the best options to wear when working out. The most important aspect of wearing a polo shirt is to get the right fit, because if you are an athlete and consider bodybuilding as your passion, then you would undoubtedly want to wear one that is comfortable.

A baggy polo shirt might make you look pretty weird, which is something that you wouldn't want; therefore, tailoring is a must. If you are into the muscle fit polo shirt, you must be asking whether it could be tailored or not? Although it is possible to tailor it, there are a few aspects that you need to consider before getting it altered.

Kings Cross Clothing has recently emerged in the market but has become one of the top Australian menswear brands because of its high-quality materials and superb styles. Its athletic fit polo shirt is among the best men's muscle fit shirts constructed from super-soft stretch cotton. Its true muscle fit and fitting sleeves are specially designed to accentuate your V tapered physique. Having an essential consideration for a minimal design and comfort, the KCC polo shirt is the best choice for you.

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Can a polo shirt be altered?

Polo shirts can easily be tailored because most of these shirts are made from cotton, which is a material that can be altered. The torso, sleeves, and length can be adjusted on a polo shirt. Therefore, if you are an athlete and worried about your biceps, you can relax because a polo shirt can be adjusted according to your needs.

Cotton is one of the fabrics that can easily be handled by the majority of sewing machines, while sometimes polyester is used in the mix, but it is worth noting that things can get complicated because of this. However, a tailor worth his name should not have any problem doing such an alteration in a polo shirt.


What parts of a muscle fit polo shirt cannot be tailored?

A polo shirt cannot be changed into a round-necked shirt. So apart from that, it is possible to make all other alterations for this kind of garment. The main reason for this exception is that the polo shirts typically come with buttons and buttonholes. When you remove these and try to convert the collar into a semi-circle line, then this indeed is impossible. Although you can convert a polo shirt into a Henley shirt, in order to do this, you will have to cut the collars off.

Tips and tricks for tailoring a polo shirt

Never do alterations around the armhole

You may think that the armhole is another part of the polo shirt, but this is not the case. The shoulder seam running along the shoulder region happens to connect your polo shirt sleeve with the torso. If you make any changes to the armhole, it can be cumbersome for the tailor, and they may charge you upwards.


Understand the ways that can be helpful to change the size of the shirt

It is not that necessary to always go to a tailor or use a sewing machine to make the polo shirt well-fitted. Instead of paying extra money to the tailor, you can tuck it in and have the same look. It is always good to be smart about the choices and know when you actually need to go to the tailor.


It is never too easy to deal with the pique polos with the armband

Pique is known to be a particular knit in which the polo shirts are made. Although the muscle fit polo shirts might be made from different materials, you usually see armbands at the end of the sleeves. These armbands make the slimming and shortening process quite tricky; therefore, it is advised not to change the shirt with an armband.

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An excellent muscle fit polo shirt can surely upgrade your style, and you can rock it by making a perfect combination of bottoms and shoes. Kings Cross Clothing has the best muscle fit shirts, long sleeve shirts, and ultra-stretch jeans, but its muscle fit polo shirts are something that you can spend your money on because they are made with a versatile fabric for extra breathability and contains moisture-wicking abilities. From the runway to the links to an evening in the town, the KCC polo shirt will get the job done for you.

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Bottom Line

There is no doubt that fit is the king, and it is essential to get your clothes in the right fit, especially your muscle fit polo shirt, as it will make you look smart, comfortable, and confident. A Polo shirt is fantastic, and one can use it in a formal and informal manner. These days, when we talk about men's muscle shirts, we are able to see these in the polo shirts, and the best thing about it is that these can be tailored. You can tighten or loosen the sleeves, adjust the length, take in the torso and remove the collar if you don’t like it so that you can rock the polo shirt with complete confidence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for any tailor to take in a polo shirt?

Your tailor can indeed make a few common alterations, but when you plan to alter the polo shirt, your tailor will suggest making one or two alterations. These include taking in the waist and reduction of the width of the arm.


Is it costly to make any alterations to your polo shirt?

Although many experts don't recommend tailoring a polo shirt, especially for the men with muscles, because it is possible that you may not get the desired results, whether you shorten the sleeves, make it slim fit or shorten its length, it will not cost you a lot of money.

How should a tailored polo shirt fit?

A tailored polo shirt should comfortably be fitting around your chest, across the upper back, under the armpits so that you can have a full range of motion. Such type of fitted polo shirt should feel snug but not too tight, and your chest should fill out the shirt.


What pants can go with a tailored fit polo shirt?

In order to have a casual look, you can easily throw on go-to jeans. You can even go for cargo pants and tailored shorts, while the leather trainers or the slip-on loafers can give you the added style that you want.