The Unexpected Cost to Tailor A Shirt?

The Unexpected Cost to Tailor A Shirt?

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Nothing can be frustrating for you than having your closet full of shirts but nothing to wear because you might have lost some weight, and everything seems to hang on you. The chances are that you might have bought formerly trendy shirts, or you have lately been working out, and therefore, your muscle fit shirt may not be a perfect fit for you.

It would be helpful for you if you were not hopeless because it is easy to get your shirt tailored to turn the near misses into a perfect fit. If you live in Australia, you may have two easy options; either buy a shirt and hand it to the tailor for any alterations, or go for a custom-tailored shirt that is becoming quite a trend these days, and many of the top menswear clothing companies offer it.

Kings Cross Clothing is one of the brands in Australia where you are able to get affordable-priced special designed menswear. The brand is specialized in offering fitted menswear garments to you without charging any hefty prices. Therefore, whether you go for their slim fit, muscle fit shirts, muscle fit polo shirts, luxe long sleeve shirts, or the extra stretch jeans, you have the option of customized elements of each of the garments once you are able to match out the size profile.

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What can be the cost of tailoring a shirt?

It is never too easy to give the alteration costs that may apply broadly, but there are different ranges for specific tasks; therefore, it all depends on what kind of alteration you need.

  • The exact price of tailoring a shirt depends on the fix, the item, and where you want it to be altered, but it usually ranges between $20 to $80. When we talk about the low end, you can have simple repairs by hemming or shortening the sleeves. On the higher end, you can have more elaborated fixes that can be a little costly.

  • For some people, tailoring is helpful in buying high-quality secondhand items, and the fit can be altered later. It can never be easy for men with muscles to find the perfect fit, but a tailor can indeed open up different possibilities.


  • Tailoring is also a superb and cheap option if you are buying some clothes on sale that need a bit of tweaking. You should never leave your favorite muscle fit polo shirt on the rack if you find it to be too long. A simple alteration can do the job for you, and you can get to wear it according to your needs.

How can you save money on alterations?

  • Have a custom fit for less

Mostly the shirts are made by the retailers to fit a generic body and have measurements that tend to fall close to the average. But it is worth noting that the measurements of each individual are slightly different, so you can hope to get a fit that is good for you, and if it's not a perfect fit, then you have to get it tailored, but if you go for a custom-tailored shirt, you will find it much cheaper, and it will be according to your needs without any alterations.


  • Adjust your clothes to shifts in size

Your body is different from other people, and it never stays the same, which means that a shirt that used to fit you the last winter may look a little baggy the following winter. By having some minor adjustments to the shoulders and torso, you can surely make it a perfect fit for you once again.


  • Update the look for your old shirt to stay in style

As fashion changes from time to time, there might be a number of shirts in your wardrobe that may have plenty of life left in them. With a minor alteration, it becomes possible for you to bring these shirts up to date and start using them for more time.

Kings Cross Clothing’s tailored shirts are a better way to shop

Alteration costs vary quite a lot, as some jobs can indeed be a little complex. Kings Cross Clothing offers shirts that are a perfect fit for the ones who may have issues regarding fitting from other brands. Whether the muscle fit shirts, muscle fit polo shirts, or luxe long sleeve shirts, you will find their fabric to cling closely on the shoulders and chest, while it tapered down at the waistline, as it is just tailored for you, as the tapered fit shirts by Kings Cross Clothing are developed by the top tailors and industry experts in Australia to offer you the perfect fit.

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Final Verdict

Tailoring and alterations aren't just for the tuxedos and formal dresses, but even the everyday clothes and work wardrobes can be altered to get a better fit and comfort. If you are into bodybuilding and have bought a muscle fit shirt, it will surely fit you well enough, but it could fit much better. It's good for you if these shirts are fit right off the rack, but we might be a little taller or thinner than an average person, and if the shirt isn't precisely cut to the wearer's figure, then there could be a problem. So you can get your shirt tailored from the biceps in order to prevent any gaps.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it too costly to get men’s muscle shirts tailored?

Cost is among the main reasons many people avoid using a tailor, but if you have a muscle fit shirt from a top brand, there is nothing wrong with spending $20-30 on it. There is still a benefit in tailoring that you can save your money in the long run, which means that it is a worthwhile investment.


  • Is it worth tailoring a shirt?

Tailoring is undoubtedly worth the money as you can save from needing to replace any items. Although some shirts might be cheap and easy to replace, the most critical aspect of tailoring is that you can make your clothing look better from where you bought them.


  • How much time does it take to tailor a shirt?

The time needed to tailor a shirt depends on the season, but it could take more time if you need any additional fittings. A basic shirt alteration can take between 2 to 3 days, but it all depends on how busy your tailor is or the shirt manufacturer from whom you are to get a custom-tailored one.


  • What alterations can be made by a tailor?

A number of alterations can be made by a tailor on a shirt, no matter what type it is. Men's muscle fit shirts or polo shirts can be altered by adjusting their length, reducing the shoulder width, replacing the buttons, and even narrowing the sleeves.