V Enhancing 4 Ultimate Tips To Dress For Your Muscle

V Enhancing 4 Ultimate Tips To Dress For Your Muscle


There is no point in doing all the hard work in the gym if you are not able to show off your V taper. Your muscles might be the best of the accessories and an essential part of how you look; therefore, it is crucial that you dress in a muscle fit shirt in order to maximize the look for the muscles in a tasteful manner.

It doesn't matter whether you have some toned definition or bulging muscles; there are a number of ways for you to maximize the muscles that you have. There are V taper shirts in the market that cut the arms and shoulders a bit larger for the athletes and a fitted waist that can easily shape the torso.

Kings Cross Clothing is among the top Australian brands that specialize in stylish men's shirts that are a perfect fit for their athletic and muscular looks. Their V enhancing shirts draw and highlight the attention to your overall physique, whereas KCC is passionate about your style so that you can look confident. Therefore, the KCC men’s muscle fit shirts are a true embodiment of style for any athlete.

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What is a V Taper?

Image is always paramount in the world of bodybuilding, and the best indicator for an incredible physique is to have broad shoulders and back and a narrow waist. For men with muscles, this particular shape can distinguish between an ultimate and a shapeless physique.

V taper is known to be a combination of wide lats, broad shoulders, and a waist that is narrow. It is a kind of a triangle or an upside-down pyramid. So, when you have a more significant difference between the circumference of the shoulder and the waist, you will realize that you have a more pronounced V taper.


How to dress for your muscle?

Consider your V shape

The way we dress is an illusion, and if we go for the proper clothing, we can make ourselves seem more muscular and broader. When we go to the gym, we try to make our shoulders look wider and waist narrower, and this is the V shape that we strive for. When you wear clothes that enhance shoulders and make the waist look small, you will probably give a muscular look.


Fitness is the key

A perfect fit is one of the best ways to sport the illusion of your muscles. You may get the option of purchasing a slim fit shirt, but you can go for a tapered shirt, a jacket, and a good-fitting top. Try not to go for anything that is very tight or loose, and another way of beefing up year appearance to covet the V shape is not to go for any bulkier shoulder pads.


Go for different patterns and textures

Although vertical stripes can make you look taller, the horizontal stripes are perfect for making your body look wider. It is always wise to go for the fabrics with texture because this can be very helpful for both your legs and torso, as they will look a little more buffed up.

Wear light colors

Usually, the black color makes you look slender, whereas a light color will make you look bigger. You can beef up your frame by choosing to wear a light-colored shirt so that you can make your trunk seem a bit beefier. If you can't give up the black color, then try to pair the dark shirt with a light-colored bottom.



Kings Cross Clothing offers the best muscle fit shirts for the V Taper Men

People can easily fall into the trap by thinking that they need to look like the top models with muscles to be considered as a V Taper. Kings Cross Clothing is an Australian menswear brand that comes with the latest collection of men's muscle shirts and the muscle fit polo shirts that highlight particular muscle groups. Kings Cross Clothing has been able to achieve this through a precise cut to carve out your shape and very hard-earned gains, no matter what size you are. You will find our shirts to be cut for all types of bodybuilding men with a small or an extended V taper.

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Final Words

The idea of working hard in the gym is to build muscles and sculpt the physique, but once you can get to a certain point, it can be a little challenging to find a proper muscle fit shirt. You may have some extra space in your arms and shoulders as a V taper, but it is worth noting that an ill-fitted shirt can be very tight, and if you have a piece of extra fabric, then it will leave you to look very odd. Therefore, a V enhancing shirt should be the one that can easily shape your torso and come with a fitted waist.



Frequently Asked Questions

What does V taper mean in bodybuilding?

In bodybuilding terms, the word V taper or V shape refers to the torso that resembles the letter V, which includes broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Having a V shape is among the first goals for any bodybuilder, but it is dependent on proportions quite heavily.


How do men show off V taper?

There are many men who are not aware of proper dressing, and they often make wrong choices to show off their body shape. It is essential to wear a V taper shirt to enhance the shape, and it should be a silhouette from the shoulder to the ankles.


Is V taper a good choice?

There is no doubt that good looks are always helpful, but a strong V taper can be helpful to keep the clothing fit. It is vital for the men's clothes to accumulate their dominant features, which include the chest, shoulders, and back. Therefore, it should be doing this while tapered towards the waist.


Which shirts are best for making you look muscular?

It is always better to go for the shirts with a dark color on top and a light shade on the bottom to have a more muscular look. When you have a dark hue that stretches across the shoulders and chest, it creates a more muscular illusion.