Emerald Green Muscle Fit Shirt The Story

Emerald Green Muscle Fit Shirt The Story

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The Master Piece of all Creations

The emerald green coloured fashion piece is designed for a true muscle fit. If you take a look at the colour, it's no coincidence that emerald green is the colour of nature and Earth. This means that this emerald green coloured shirt signifies our inner energy and power as humans to move forward and create change in our lives and on earth. The emerald green colour signifies the beauty of nature and everything that it creates, giving us energy to go on. The emerald green shirt should show you inner power within yourself as well as our planet Earth's energy.

Wearing an emerald was believed to make one an eloquent speaker. Legends also states that emerald was one of four precious stones given by go to King Solomon. These four stone have endowed the King With Power All Creations. The emerald was believed to be the most powerful of all four stones, In Ancient Egypt. Emeralds were considered a symbol of eternal life and hope because they never diminished in their intensity like other precious gems might over time. They also brought an endowment of health, protection from poisonous bites. The emerald was associated with the sun god, Ra; it represented his healing power which is why many ancient Egyptian statues depict deities wearing crowns adorned with emeralds as eyes

Today Emerald green fashion pieces are becoming more popular than ever before due to its raw energy that comes out naturally through this piece - making you may feel empowered even without knowing it iat first glance! This makes perfect sense when we look back at history behind emeralds.