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Our mens muscle fit shirts 

Our mens muscle fit shirts are expertly designed for Atheltes and Bodybuilder with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Kings Cross Clothing Muscle Fit Shirts are perfect for your v taper body. No more fabric pooling around the midsection, a perfect fit from lats to waist. You put in all that effort into your diet and training, your body deserves to be shown off! Kings Cross Clothing Muscle Fit Shirts are made from Premium, high quality cotton available in the basics - white, black, navy blue and more.



Getting a V-taper physique is hard work, and you don't want to ruin all of your progress by having clothes that are too loose. Most shirts on the market today do not fit people with the classic bodybuilder V taper physique. They're either way too big in some areas or way too tight in others.
The V Tape Shirts (Muscle Fit Shirts) solve this problem by providing a tapered shirt design specifically for people who have an athletic build with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. This means no more baggy shirts covering up all your hard work!


If you are looking for the best muscle fit shirts brand in Australia and won't settle for anything less than the best - stick with Kings Cross Clothing.

We all know that looking good in clothes makes you feel better about yourself, but many classic designs don't work for the modern man's body type.  It can be frustrating to spend time in the gym only to have your clothing work against you instead of with you.

Our Tapered Athletic Fit was designed specifically for muscularly-built men who want clothes that fit well without being too tight or too loose at the same time. It has just enough structure so you don't feel like you're wearing pajamas when getting ready for your Event.

Shop our range of muscle fit shirts and see why so many professional bodybuilders and athletes are switching to KingsCrossClothing